DOH Launches Vax-Baby-Vax to Catch-up Children’s Immunization Shots

The Department of Health launched the Vax-Baby-Vax campaign which aims to up the count of routine immunization. | IMG Source: PhilStar Global

The Department of Health logged that approximately 46% of the 256,4000 children residing in Metro Manila have not yet received their immunization shots. This means that approximately 130,000 infants and children are unprotected against infectious diseases. 

DOH National Capital Region Director, Gloria Balboa, said that the health agency launched the Vax-Baby-Vax campaign, a catch-up immunization initiative that targets to protect the health of children in Metro Manila. 

Balboa said that routine immunization is essential in fighting against preventable diseases like mumps, polio, measles, rubella, and Hepatitis B. She also mentioned that children receiving their routine immunizations also curbs the likelihood of high medical expenses in the future. 

“If the parents are able to bring their children to health centers for routine vaccination, they will benefit by saving money and resources because the strong immunity of children will lessen the risk of hospitalization and expensive medical costs,” she said. 

Balboa called on parents and guardians to bring their children to nearby health centers to get their routine immunization shots. She said that this would also instill a sense of assurance and confidence to parents regarding their kids’ health. 

The immunization will run for 10 days, ending on November 18th. 

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