One Teacher Dead in Bataan Bus Accident

One teacher dead in bus accident in Bataan. | IMG Source: ABS-CBN News

One person died when a service bus carrying a group of teachers fell off a cliff in Orani, Bataan last November 5. The accident happened around 11:40AM along Vicinal Road in Barangay Tala. 

Chief Larry Valencia of Orani police reported that the victim was one of 46 teachers on board that were on their way back to Quezon City after a seminar. The victim was reported dead on arrival. 

The Schools of Division Office (SDO) of Quezon City disclosed that the teacher taught at Payatas B Elementary School. 

The police report read that upon reaching the sharp curve, the bus had a brake malfunction which caused it to fall down the cliff. The driver and passenger sustained injuries that were tended by a responding medical team. 

Injured passengers were brought to various medical facilities to get treated with physical and psychological first aid. After treatment, the teachers were brought back to Metro Manila. 

The Quezon City government and SDO pledged to pay for all the passengers’ medical expenses. They will also provide financial assistance for the victim’s family. 

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