Twitter Delays Paid Verification Plan Until After US Midterms Election 

IMG Source: 9to5Mac

CNN Business reported that Twitter’s plan to roll out its paid Twitter Blue subscription plan is on hold until after the United States’ midterms election. 

This news comes a day after an updated version of Twitter was released on its iOS app which included the subscription feature. The feature gives the social media platform’s users a choice to pay a monthly subscription to get a blue checkmark – a verification symbol – on their Twitter profiles. 

The Twitter Blue verification feature costs $7.99 per month. The blue check mark has long been used to confirm the identities of celebrities, journalists, government officials, athletes, etc. that are active on the platform. 

Twitter’s decision to charge for subscription was met with heavy backlash. Verified and unverified users alike changed their display photos to Elon Musk. This showed a probable flaw in the paid verification system. 

Musk took to Twitter to relay that any Twitter account engaging in impersonation, without clarifying that it’s parody, will be suspended. Musk also said that changing a verified account’s display name will cause temporary loss of the blue check mark. 

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