‘Manifest’ Begins Final Descent on Netflix This November With Season 4

Image Credit: Netflix/Manifest

Manifest fans will finally have the answers to the show’s unsolved mysteries this year, as the series’ fourth and last season hits Netflix starting November 4 – a very fitting date for a comeback , as viewers may recall how passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 reappeared on the same day in the show after disappearing for five years.

The 4th season will be divided into two parts, with the first part having 10 episodes, and the second part still having no specified date of release.

The final season comes over a year after its original network, NBC, cancelled the show and Netflix stepped in to pick it up. Since then, Manifest has landed a spot in the streamer’s top 10 rankings.

As per Variety’s report, the final season is set two years after Grace’s (Athena Karkanis) murder, and Ben (Josh Dallas) continues to mourn his wife and search for his kidnapped daughter. As the death date draws closer and the passengers grow desperate for a path to survival, a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal (Ty Doran) that changes everything they know about Flight 828 and will prove to be the key to unlocking the secret of the callings.

As an ode to Flight 828, Manifest also dropped the official teaser for Season 4 on August 28.

“As exhausting and crazy-making as these callings [are] and the responsibility of being an 828er is, it’s not just about them,” says Jeff Rake, the series creator. “The interconnectedness of all of us, and how small actions can have implications that cascade outward and touch the whole world is what the show is about.”

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