Diabetasol PH Successfully Launched #TreatYourSelfWell Campaign


MANILA, Philippines — The “Start-Up the Sweet Life” event, organized by Diabetasol Nutrionals Philippines, was successful on July 30 at Enderun Atrium, Taguig City. 

It was a way for Diabetasol PH to celebrate Nutrition Month by launching the #TreatYourSelfWell campaign, highlighting four easy techniques for treating and preventing diabetes while still living a sweet life.

They put up four stations throughout the event where guests could engage in various activities such as Start Well, Move Well, Eat Well, and Think Well. 

Start Well

Gino Fernando, one of the nutritionist-dietitian, helped guests assess their body measures using the Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor, which may help determine whether or not a person is at risk of developing diabetes. 

Visitors over 45 years old have been identified as at high risk of developing the condition, while young people with diabetic family members are advised to take precautions.

Move Well

Jump Manila, owned by Erwin Ng, facilitated the Move Well activity, in which people were encouraged to jump rope in return for the brand’s merchandise.  

Coach Lovely Gervacio Tajan of Jump Manila stated that they are promoting Jumping Rope as a workout since it is simple and doable everywhere and at any time, giving people no reason not to exercise. Further, it enables quick weight loss and lowers stress and anxiety. 


Eat Well

Meanwhile, Chef Jac Laudico created several recipes using Diabetasol powdered drinks at the Eat Well section. She experimented with three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and cappuccino, each with a unique presentation, such as chocolate covered with cream and strawberries and cappuccino topped with chocolate tips and wafers.

Think Well

This was followed by a conference led by Dr. Leyden Florido, President of the Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators. She mentioned the alarming information that diabetes commonness in individuals aged 20 to 79 has more than quadrupled in recent years, from an estimated 151 million (4.6%) to 537 million (10.5 percent).

“We Filipinos are really sweet lovers, craving for a sweet life, but we all know that 1 out of 14 people has diabetes. We are relatively at risk of having diabetes. We have to have management.”

Dr. Leyden Florido, President of the Philippine Association of Diabetes Educators

With this troubling figure in hand, Dr. Florido suggested simple solutions; one is having regular exercise, such as walking for 50-70 minutes three times a week for 12 weeks on average. Exposure to the sun also helps in obtaining enough vitamin D levels, which is also advantageous to the body.

In addition, Dr. Florido stressed the need to increase the intake of nutritious foods like vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and fruits while minimizing the consumption of fried meals, sweets, sugary beverages, and anything salty or fatty.

Finally, Dr. Florido stated that it is essential for persons with diabetes to combat the disease alongside their family or companion.

“It should be a team effort. You are not alone. We really do need somebody to push as to the sweet life,” she said. 

Senior Brand Manager of Diabetasol Nutrition Philippines, Pia Santos, suggested that breakfast and supper may be replaced with Diabetasol. Its basic set contains a nutrition powder including 11 vitamins and minerals that work with VitaDigest, a mix of insulin fiber and slow-digesting carbs, to help balance blood sugar and hunger pains. 

Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about controlling and preventing diabetes. They then sampled Diabetasol’s powdered drink and raised a glass to celebrate the launch of the #TreatYourSelfWell campaign. 

Diabetasol products are available for purchase on the Diabetosol PH official website.

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