Ready to Start Up the Sweet Life? Diabetasol PH to Host Nutrition Month Event in Enderun, Taguig


MANILA, Philippines — This Nutrition Month, Diabetasol Nutrition Philippines will launch its #TreatYourselfCampaign to empower people with diabetes and maintain their healthy lives.

The event, dubbed Start-Up the Sweet Life, will take place on July 30 at Enderun Atrium, Taguig City. It will involve different Diabetasol activities to educate attendees on managing and combating the disease.

“The brand aims to empower people living with the condition,” Diabetasol Nutrition PH said in a press release.

Diabetasol understands that it may be overwhelming and difficult to manage, but the brand also believes that we can still appreciate and enjoy the good things in life while staying healthy by starting this journey to a sweet life.”

Diabetasol Nutrition PH

“Diabetasol will provide the roadmap to a sweet life. The brand will share insights on Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Stress Management – all of which are essential as we strive to find the right balance in our lives,” they explained. 


The first phase on the roadmap is “Start Well,” this will establish whether an individual is at high or low risk of diabetes through surveys, the Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor, and A1C tests or blood sugar level measurement.

Guests can also consult with dieticians about how to properly control their diet.

Following this is a “Move Well” activity to encourage regular exercise as well as the “Eat Well” session where participants can freely choose and eat nutrient-dense meals.


The last section, “Think well,” will nudge people to pause and think about the small things they do to sustain healthy lifestyles. 

These activities are designed to motivate people with diabetes at home and anyone who wishes to lead a life without the disease.

#TreatYourSelf Campaign

Kalbe Nutritionals and PADE-ADNEP representatives will also be in attendance, together with Special Speakers, Key Opinion Leaders, and Influencers. Everyone will get the chance to interact with one another and take part in exciting activities.

The #TreatYourSelf campaign launch will be live-streamed on Saturday on Diabetasol PH’s official Facebook page.


Kalbe Nurtional’s Diabetasol is a diabetic solution expert that provides a wide range of products to help people maintain a healthy and balanced diet. They offer nutritional supplements such as powders that promote immunity while maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

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