Actress Cristine Reyes Says No to Sexy Roles

MANILA, Philippines — Cristine Reyes revealed that she is no longer doing sexy roles as she opened up in An Open Mind with Liza Soberano.

Cristine Reyes opens up about respect and self-worth and why she is no longer taking sexy roles. | IMG Source: IMDb

Reyes shared about attending a self-love program in Los Angeles, California last year. There she gained a better understanding of her triggers, realized the root of her issues, and grasped her self-worth. 

She became emotional when her acting career was brought up. Reyes grew tearful as she shared her current stance on playing sexy roles that have been closely identified with her. 

Reyes shared that she would love to continue acting until she gets old, but playing roles she is uncomfortable with hinders her from fully loving it. She said these are “movies that are advocating affairs, and endorsing something like liquor and then you’re wearing a two-piece.” 

She explained, “It makes me uncomfortable, first. Second,  you lose your self-respect. That’s the only thing that bothers me a lot with my career. I’ve always [been] seen in a different light – that I’m an object.” 

She also emotionally recounted how she received a dream offer as soon as she came back from LA. To her disappointment, her sentiments regarding playing certain roles weren’t met. Reyes was sure she wanted to reject the role, but was concerned about losing work as she’s a single mother. 

Remembering what she learned from the program, she ultimately rejected the offer. Reyes said that she is blessed as she received three new offers the following day. 

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