Get to Know: YACAP Party-list

Embracing the Underrepresented Since 2000

YACAP Part-list and their various community projects

The Commission on Elections has released its Official List of Running Parties for the May 2022 elections. Now, four months remain until Philippine Election Day. Have you created your list of people to vote for?

Choosing the next President of the Philippines is crucial in determining how the next six years of our country’s situation amid the pandemic will move forward.

Along with this, selecting the leaders who will serve in the grassroots of the national and local government is also vital in ensuring the needed legislation and changes are properly implemented in the different sectors of the country.

Could YACAP Party-list serve this purpose?

How YACAP Began

YACAP, short for “You Against Corruption and Poverty”, has been active in providing education and values formation programs to the underprivileged since 2000, with the aim of giving them the means to defeat poverty.

In the following years, with dedication and consistency, the group has expanded in Sarangani and South Cotabato, broadening its scope of service. In 2007, YACAP finally became an official Party-list and has since remained true to its goal of empowering the underrepresented.


YACAP Party-list hopes for “A Philippines where the Filipino can pursue their dreams and realize their potential without the weight of corruption and poverty”.

Below is YACAP’s Mission, along with how they have put this into concrete actions as of date:

Walking the Talk

Get to know the people behind YACAP Party-list and take a look at how they have been silently planting seeds early on, for the realization of their group’s vision of elevating Filipinos’ quality of life.

Congresswoman Carol Jayne Lopez

Aside from being active in YACAP’s regular feeding, educational, and health projects, one of the most notable achievements of Cong. Carol Lopez is passing the House Bill 00878.

It is an act granting additional benefits to solo parents amending for the purpose Republic Act 8972 otherwise known as the “Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000“.

As a solo parent herself, Cong. Carol empathizes with other solo parents, especially those who don’t have enough means to bear the burden of sustaining their children’s basic needs.

Among the bill’s amendments are giving 10%-15% discounts to solo parents for specific basic commodities, and work leaves.

Kuya Mari Oquiñena

“I am an advocate of a Filipino brand of leadership—the same leadership that created the rice terraces, the same leadership inspired by the Philippine Eagle. I hope to inspire the youth to embrace what makes them truly Filipino in their leadership.

After many years of doing GK and serving in government, I continue the work of nation-building and engaging communities in my role as CEO of MVM, Inc. The work of loving our country and caring for our people will never stop.” – Mari Oquiñena

Noel Dizon

Councilor Noel Dizon is a councilor in the 2nd District of Taguig City.

He has been incorporating YACAP’s mission in his endeavors as a local official, spearheading projects that address the livelihood and education of the people of Taguig City.

YACAP Throughout the Years

Here is a glimpse of what the YACAP Party-list has been up to for the past 2 decades. From donations of fire truck, ambulance, and public utility vehicles to provide free transportations; feeding, medical and dental programs; burial assistance; scholarship and educational programs; to relief operations, among many others.

To know more about YACAP Party-list’s endeavors and achievements, you may visit their official Facebook page

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