“Nais Ko” MV: A Peek Into Mayor Isko Moreno’s Tondo Roots

IMG Source: Screenshot From Mayor Isko Moreno’s Youtube Music Video

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno shares a glimpse of his life in Tondo as he walks viewers through his journey to success in his new “Nais Ko” music video. 

The “Nais Ko” music video, which premiered on Moreno’s official Youtube channel, was in collaboration with rappers Smugglaz and Bassilyo. 

IMG Source: Screenshot From Mayor Isko Moreno’s Youtube Music Video

In the beginning of the video, Moreno can be seen wearing a white sando top, while he eats rice and tuyo with his bare hand just as he did when he was in Tondo. 

Moreno then walks out on the streets, while he wears a blue polo, leading a crowd of supporters forward. He can be heard saying “Possible, Pwede, Kaya” to inspire the people that it is possible to rise out of poverty.

This has been a key message in his campaign and just as the lyrics stated, “galing sa baba, galing sa wala, kaya alam magpahalaga kapag may napala,” Moreno advocates in helping uplift the lives of Filipinos in the same way that he did for himself. To recall, long before he sat as Manila’s mayor, Moreno once was a garbage collector. 

This is not the first time the Moreno collaborated with Smugglaz and Bassilyo. In the 2019 mayoralty race, the two rappers also worked with Moreno in a fliptop battle. Smugglaz, who hails from Tondo, is also Moreno’s godchild. 

Watch the video below:

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