Supreme Court Suspends Gadon Over Verbally Assaulting Journalist

MANILA, Philippines — On Tuesday, January 4, the Supreme Court ordered the suspension of lawyer Larry Gadon. This preventive suspension is due to a viral video of Gadon swearing at journalist Rissa Robles. 

SC suspends lawyer Larry Gadon over viral video of him swearing at journalist Rissa Robles. | IMG Source: Yahoo News

In the video caught on December 15, 2021, Gadon was filmed verbally assaulting Robles as she called BongBong Marcos a tax evader. The public urged the Supreme Court to take disciplinary measures against Gadon. 

The court’s statement declared that Gadon’s suspension is “effective immediately and to last until lifted by the Court.” SC’s statement recalled Gadon’s prior suspension over a disbarment case last 2019. It also stated that the matter is considered a formal administrative complaint for Gadon’s disbarment. 

Gadon has ten days to explain why his license to practice law should not be nullified.

Tuesday evening, Gadon expressed disappointment over the SC’s decision. He said that he was confused over the suspension and that he did not receive a formal copy of the complaint. Gadon also questioned whether the decision was politically motivated as he is running for Senator in the May elections. He also ran in the 2016 and 2019 elections, but ultimately failed to get a position in the Senate. 

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