Booster Shots Offered to All Adults Starting December 3

On Thursday, DOH announced that the government will be offering COVID-19 booster shots to all fully vaccinated adults. This accounts for all individuals who have received two-dose vaccines at least six months ago and those who have gotten a single dose vaccine three months ago.

This decision came after FDA Director-General Eric Domingo’s announcement on Wednesday where he said fully vaccinated Filipinos aged 18 years old and above are permitted to get their booster shots. 

All fully vaccinated adults are eligible for their booster shots starting December 3. | IMG Source: Devex

DOH also specified which booster shots are compatible with specific vaccines. Those who initially got Sinovac may get AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna as their booster shot. While those who were previously jabbed with AstraZeneca may get Pfizer or Moderna as their third shot. Those who were vaccinated with Pfizer may get AstraZeneca or Moderna booster shots, and those who were given Moderna may get AstraZeneca or Pfizer. Getting the same vaccine booster shot as the initial doses is also allowed. 

Booster shot rollout for health workers, senior citizens, and those with comorbidities already began last month. This push to get all adults vaccinated with their booster shots is due to the Omicron variant that’s said to be more infectious than Delta. 

During the past months, new cases have steadily declined and the government attributes this to higher vaccination rates. 

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