Moreno Vows To Invest Heavily In The Entertainment Industry

IMG SOURCE: Metro Style

MANILA, Philippines — Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso on Friday shared to the media his plans for the national government to invest heavily in the local entertainment industry to make it competitive in the global stage.

During the press conference of “Yorme: The Isko Domagoso Story,” Moreno explained that infusing capital in the entertainment industry, which includes television, movies and similar avenues, will help them create more quality movies and television shows for the enjoyment of the public. 

“If we can go on the same path where the Korean government spent so much money to develop their movie industry, I think we can do the same. It took them 20 years to introduce Korean culture through visual arts to the world, we can do it as well” said Moreno.  

Over the past 30 years, K-Pop has grown tremendously along with the rise of artists such as BTS and Black Pink. Korean television shows and movies are experiencing a huge spike in demand in streaming services such as Netflix.  

Not only did the popularity of artists increase, but the economy of South Korea also improved. The rise of Korean music and movies generates around 10B$ for the South Korean economy each year. 

 “Imagine how Korean culture is now ingrained globally. All because of their entertainment industry that is also contributing substantially to their economy,” Moreno said. 

The Aksyon Demokratiko presidential aspirant wants to copy the Korean model and showcase Philippine creativity and talent to the rest of the world. This is also his way of giving back to the industry that gave him a chance to rise up from poverty during his teenage years.  

“This industry gave me the big push that opened up many opportunities in my life and if given the chance, this will be my way of giving back and thanking this industry,” Moreno said. 

“So just imagine if we can do the same for our talents and artists. They can surely conquer the world… the entertainment world. Imagine how it can help our economy grow. If BTS can do it, hopefully someday, somehow, we can do it also,” he said. 

Moreno cited as an example world class talent such as Ms. Lea Salonga, who is best known for her roles in musical theater particularly Miss Saigon in the West End and Broadway.  

 Salonga was also known for her singing voices in two Disney movie characters Jasmine and Mulan, aside from being a recording artist and television performer. 

Versatile actor John Arcilla is also a an example of world-class talent having recently won the Best Actor award at the 78th Venice International Film Festival for his performance in the criticially-acclaimed series “On the Job: The Missing 8.” 

“So, all we need to do as government is to really invest. Ang ganda, ganda ng CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines). Ang ganda ng mga talents natin. Gwapo ang mga artista natin at talented silang lahat. In fact, we keep on winning in terms of talent. Look at Ms. Lea Salonga, another Ms. Saigon, and now recently si John Arcilla who gave pride to the country as Filipino artist,’ Moreno pointed out. 

“May K-Pop ba tayo? Pwede na ‘yung P-Pop, kahit anong pop basta Pilipino pop, ‘yun ang importante. Let’s introduce that to the world and it can be done. It’s a matter of giving attention, value, premium, and time,’ he said. 

A musical film produced by Saranggola Media and Viva Films under the direction of Joven Tan, ‘Yorme’ is an inspiring story of rising from the lowly beginning of wanting and dreaming to have a better life. 

The film revolves around Moreno’s  rising from a lowly basurero (scavenger) into a teen actor and later as a public servant through hard work, perseverance and always looking after the welfare of the ordinary people. 

Starring Raikko Mateo, who played the young Moreno, McCoy de Leon as the teenage Moreno, and Xian Lim who acted as the adult Moreno, “Yorme” is an inspiring film that drives the message you can overcome your poverty and hardships in life if you will work very hard to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life. 

During the press conference, Moreno took the opportunity to thank Tan for not only directing the movie, but also for writing the script and composing the 15 songs used in the film. 

Moreno also said that he is hopeful that the movie, which mirrors his struggles as a poor boy living in Tondo with his parents, will serve as an inspiration to others that they can also overcome their hardships in life. 

“I hope the movie will provide inspiration sa mga tao. Through visual work makikita ng tao ang struggle ng isang tao, ng isang bata. Through hardships, we can overcome,” he said.

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