No New COVID-19 Patients in PGH

On Friday, PGH spokesperson Dr. Jonas Del Rosario announced that no new COVID-19 patient has been admitted in the past two days. They are currently housing only 54 COVID-19 patients, the lowest number yet for the entire year. At the height of this year’s surge, as many as 350 beds were used by positive patients.

No new COVID-19 patients have been admitted in the Philippine General Hospital for the past two days. | IMG Source: Reuters

“Our numbers are continuously going down. Double digit numbers are really rated occurrences in PGH but now we are really going to the 50s, and who knows maybe in the next few days or weeks, we will be down to 20s. That is good news because we can now open more, open our hospital to non-COVID patients,” Dr. Rosario shared with ABS-CBN News Channel’s Headstart. 

PGH used to have 4 wards dedicated to COVID-19 patients, three wards have closed down and are now open for use to non-COVID patients. Dr. Rosario also said they have started catering to the usual patients they would get before the pandemic. These include patients with heart problems, pulmonary problems, and cancer. 

Dr. Rosario attributed the lowering number of cases to the high vaccination rate in Metro Manila. 

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