Tag Media Group Ventures into Hospitality, Partners with Azalea Hotels & Residences

Tag Media Group, a prominent advertising and consultancy company in the Philippines, has recently made a bold foray into the hospitality industry through a strategic partnership with Azalea Hotels & Residences, the largest all-suite hotel in Baguio City.

With a track record of handling the marketing for esteemed brands such as Yupangco Group, Zoobic Safari, Zoocolate Thrills, Yamaha Music, and Rising Tigers Magazine, Tag Media Group has been a prominent player in various industries. Their main objective of making the Philippines the premier business hub in Asia has now expanded to include the promotion of the picturesque City of Baguio as a top tourist destination.

The signing of the agreement on July 29, 2023, officially granted Tag Media Group President, Grace Bondad Nicolas, the status of one of the Co-Owners of Azalea Hotels & Residences. The company’s Vice President, Andria Terese Nicolas, expressed her gratitude for the partnership, “We are very grateful for the trust and that we are part of Azalea.” She adds, “We are very excited about our future projects and we are confident that we will be able to promote the beautiful City Baguio.” 

Azalea Hotels & Residences has been a trailblazer in the hospitality scene, pioneering the concept of an all-suite hotel in Baguio City. Offering world-class service standards and modern-day amenities, the hotel aims to provide the perfect abode for families, groups, and couples seeking a restful retreat amidst the stunning landscapes of Baguio.

Looking forward, Azalea Hotels has grand plans to extend its exceptional offerings to other key destinations in the Philippines. Their vision includes establishing a presence in Davao, Cebu, and Angeles City, further contributing to the growth of the country’s hospitality sector.

With Tag Media Group’s marketing expertise and Azalea Hotels & Residences’ dedication to guest satisfaction, this partnership promises a bright future for both companies. As the hospitality landscape in Baguio and beyond evolves, this collaboration sets a new benchmark for excellence in the industry, creating endless possibilities for travelers and tourists seeking unforgettable experiences in the Philippines.

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