Brian Poe Receives Overwhelming Support From OFWs and Academics on International Book Tour

Senen T. Mangalile, Consul General of the Philippine Consulate, Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Ariel Peñaranda, and NaFFAA Chairman Brendan Flores holding up their copies of “A Sustainable Future”

Brian Poe-Llamanzares went on tour to promote his new book “A Sustainable Future”. In an effort to raise awareness about climate change challenges back home in the Philippines, he traveled to the United States to tour some of the top universities in the world and meet with the OFW community in New York.

Poe-Llamanzares kicked off his book tour with a talk at Columbia University where he completed his Master’s in Climate and Society back in 2018. Attendees of his round table discussion included faculty from the Climate School of Columbia University, Students from the Climate and Society Program, and members of the Philippine Delegation to the 67th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

“This book tour for Brian Poe’s “A Sustainable Future” on Sustainable Development is not just about spreading knowledge and ideas, but about demonstrating the very principles we seek to promote. It has been incredibly insightful and we hope that the ideas presented in the book will spark a passion for sustainability in a new generation inspiring them to take action.”

Nicole Uy a Philippine Delegate and Head Executive Assistant of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) Secretary
DICT Head Executive Assistant Nicole UY

While DICT’s Under Secretary Anna Mae Lamentillo pointed out the urgency of the topics discussed during the book tour, 

“Sustainable Development paves way for a genuine, dynamic and grounded discourse on climate change. It provides much needed diversity, context in an issue that should have been tackled five decades ago.” 

DICT Under Secretary Anna Mae Lamentillo

Poe-Llamanzares went on to host a successful book signing at the heart of New York. The Philippine Consulate in partnership with the National Federation of Filipino American Associations filled the lobby of the Philippine Center with OFWs who came to support Poe-Llamanzares’ book tour. 

Brendan Flores, chairman of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations was proud to host Brian in New York and gave a glowing review, 

“It was well received by our Fil-Am community as we felt the fire in Brian’s eyes as he shared his firm conviction for sustainability, not just today but also for future generations… I encourage our dear young friends to read this book and gain the hope for better days… Filipinos around the globe could work together to solve major sustainable development challenges in the Philippines.”

National Federation of Filipino American Associations Chairman Brendan Flores

Aside from his talk and book signing Poe-Llamanzares has been donating his book to some of the top schools and universities including, Columbia, Fordham, Harvard, and Boston College. He argues that there is a need to share the what’s happening to the Philippines with the rest of the world.

“We need to raise awareness about our country. There’s so little literature written about us even if we’re one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world. They should know how we’re adapting to and preparing for climate change so they know how to help us as well.”

Brian Poe-Llamanzares
OFWs asking for Brian Poe Llamanzares’ autograph on his book “A Sustainable Future”

Poe-Llamanzares went on to say that he hopes more people will look to the Philippines and find ways to support the country’s efforts to build a more sustainable future for itself. He says he’ll be working on a curriculum and book tour for back home in the Philippines.

The book “a sustainable future” is available in all NCR national bookstores, Lazada, and Shopee.

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