Marcos Extends “Hand of Reconciliation” on EDSA People Power Anniversary

MANILA, Philippines — Yesterday, February 25, was the 37th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, which ended former President Ferdinand Marcos’ 20-year dictatorship. 

Presidential Communications

His son, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., joined the commemoration and extended a hand of reconciliation to Filipinos of differing political persuasions. 

“I once again offer my hand of reconciliation to those with different political persuasions to come together as one in forging a better society — one that will pursue progress and peace and a better life for all Filipinos.” 


“As we look back to a time in our history that divided the Filipino people, I am one with the nation in remembering those times of tribulation and how we came out of them stronger as a nation,” he added.

However, various groups and organizations opposed this statement. 

Rep. Raoul Manuel of the Kabataan Party list stated there should be no reconciliation as long as the Marcos family “continues to deny their crimes and refuses to apologize.”

Albay Representative and Liberal Party President Edcel Lagman agreed and added that there must first be “admission” of human rights crimes committed under his father’s martial law regime.

Rep. France Castro of the ACT Teachers Party also addressed the need of serving justice to the victims of the reported atrocities in the past. 

“Madaling magsabi ng reconciliation at unity pero dapat ding gawin ang mga rekisitos para tunay na makamit ang pagkakaisa,” Castro said.

(It’s easy to call for reconciliation and unity but we should still do these requisites to achieve this unity.)

Twitter user @WordKatMeow also tweeted, “The “hand of reconciliation” is an empty gesture without 1. Owning up to all the wrongdoings committed during the Martial Law years 2. Returning everything that rightfully belongs to the Filipino people 3. Putting safeguards in place to ensure Martial Law never happens again.”

 Photo by Rene H. Dilan

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