Overdoughs Cafe Offers Deaf Awareness Seminars This February

IMG Credit: Overdoughs

MANILA, Philippines – Overdoughs Cafe continues to do its part in breaking communication barriers in society. This February it is offering another batch of deaf awareness seminars through Basic Filipino Sign Language tutorials to equip people without hearing difficulties the means to get their message clearly to members of the deaf community and vice versa.

The local cookie brand believes in “Doing Good Through Good Food”, and aims to empower deaf people by giving them employment in their outlets, not just giving them a source of income, but a source of self-confidence and purpose through their productive participation in society.

Truffle and the Three Shroom Sourdough Pizza | IMG: Overdoughs

The company has previously conducted these seminars to raise awareness among people without hearing difficulties that the deaf community are equally talented, competent and capable as them, and to give them an understanding of the deaf culture.

As of writing, all 40 slots for the seminars taking place on the 18th and 25th of February have been sold.

Tickets for the event happening at the Overdoughs Cafe – Promenade Mall Greenhills are reasonably priced at P500 each, inclusive of food, drink, and educational materials.

IMG: Overdoughs

Hopefully, more schedules for the said seminar would be available, which will surely guarantee attendees a day well-spent with great food and great learnings.

Aside from their awareness campaigns, Overdoughs has also funded scholarships for deaf students at DLS-CSB SDEAS through profits from their scrumptious products.

Check out https://overdoughs.ph/ to see Overdoughs’ delicious offerings, from its sourdough pizzas to its mini chonky cookies, and many more.

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