DepEd Amends ‘Panatang Makabayan’ 

IMG Source: Buzzfeed

Following consultations with linguists and cultural experts, the Department of Education (DepEd) has amended one of the terms in ‘Panatang Makabayan.’ 

Department Order No. 4 was issued last Tuesday, replacing the word “nagdarasal” with “nananalangin.” 

DepEd said that according to experts and linguists, the term “nananalangin” was more inclusive, solemn, and well-written. 

DepEd’s statement read, “With these consultations, OUCT (Office of the Undersecretary for Curriculum and Teaching) recommended that nananalangin be used instead of nagdarasal primarily because the ‘nanalangin’ is inherent and integral in Filipino identities as it is rooted in Tagalog.” 

The Department also highlighted how “nananalangin” is more inclusive as it doesn’t refer to a specific religion.

Panatang Makabayan is often recited during flag ceremonies during classes. It is a part of the daily school activities in private and public schools. 

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