HappyKarga Films and AMP Studios Canada Team Up to Produce Juday and Sam’s Comeback Movie

From the left: Sam Milby and Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

MANILA, Philippines — The Queen of Philippine Soap Opera is finally back on the big screen! Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo will star alongside Acoustic Heartthrob Sam Milby anew in a horror-drama thriller movie, “The Diary of Mrs. Winters.” 

This will be their second project together, following ABS-CBN’s revenge drama “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala” in 2013. It will also be Milby’s first horror film.

After producing episodes of “Regal Shockers” for Regal Films in 2012, horror film director, scriptwriter, and the only Chubbuck Technique teacher in the Philippines Rahyan Carlos is also making a comeback.

Carlos is working with Judy Ann for the first time, and he promises to deliver a terrifying yet dramatic cinema experience that would certainly put the audience at the edge of their seats while also flexing the cast members’ acting prowess.

“When I first started HappyKarga Films with my business partner, Joy Tarce, we knew that we would bank on talents and collaboration both from other film outfits and from the artists.”

DIRECTOR Rahyan Carlos

“And we couldn’t be more grateful to have found a like-minded individual such as Rechelle Everden of AMP Studios Canada who also believes in the cutting-edge Filipino talent in terms of bringing stories into the big screen,” Carlos added. 

From the left: Direk Rahyan Carlos, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, and Sam Milby

Together with Carlos, National Artist for Film and Broadcast Ricky Lee wrote the screenplay for the movie, which is also produced by HappyKarga Films and AMP Studios Canada.

They are currently getting ready to film sequences in the Philippines and Canada.

Carlos also revealed the plot of the movie, which would center on Charity’s character played by Santos and a cursed diary.

 “The Diary of Mrs. Winters” is about a Filipina bio-forensic assistant cleaner in Canada named Charity played by Judy Ann, whose life is cursed after keeping the diary of an old lady who committed suicide.

A series of unfortunate events happen to her, including the death of her loved ones, forcing her to fight for her true love, Victor, played by Sam.

To say that this is a dream project is an understatement. Not only because of the fact that I will be reuniting with Ricky Lee as this is our second collaboration, but also because we will be joined by Judy Ann and Sam.

We are looking forward to work with both of them as we know that they are artists of world-class caliber. This is also the first full-length Filipino film to be shot amidst the panoramic Ontario, Canada,” Carlos explained. 

From the left: Direk Rahyan Carlos, Chalen Lazerna, Joy Tarce, Rechelle Everden, and Pjay Gutierrez

The Diary of Mrs. Winters is set to terrify horror viewers on the big screen in the third quarter of this year, both locally and abroad.

Write-up Source: Manila Bulletin

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