Artifract Holds NFT Art Auction Showcasing Prized Pieces by Sanso-Alcuaz-Imao

Juvenal Sansó-Abdulmari Imao-Federico Aguilar Alcuaz masterpiece paintings displayed at the auction

MANILA, Philippines – Artifract, the Philippines’ #1 source of NFTs for local artists, fine arts, and artisans, held an exclusive NFT auction that showcased the estates of renowned Filipino National Artists last February 9, 2023, in Unionbank Building in Pasig, City.  

They exhibited the artistic legacies of Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, who was known for his gestural paintings, watercolor pieces, abstract sculpture, and textile art, the masterpieces of Abdulmari Imao, who was noted for his use of the okir, sarimanok, and naga as themes in his artwork and the presidential medal of merit awardee Juvenal Sansó who was recognized for his surreal landscapes and floral scapes.

Three prized artworks were presented, the Manila Bay Sunset by Alcuaz, Sarimanok Series by Imao, and the Euphoric Abundance by Sansó.

Five premium tiles from each of these notable artworks were up for bidding. A limited-edition framed giclee print and a sealed Certificate of Authenticity are included with every NFT tile.

Speaking on behalf of the Alcuaz estate, Mr. Jack Teotico provided a brief background on the rare Alcuaz tiles being auctioned. While, Diego Gabriel Imao discussed the famous artworks of his grandfather, Abdulmari. 

Brian Poe Llamanzares (Left) opening the auction with a piece from Alcuaz along with Jack Teotico (Right), owner and president of the Galerie Joaquin Group

Meanwhile, Brian Poe Llamanzares, co-founder and a member of Artifract’s board of trustees, was also present at the event and expressed his satisfaction at the auction’s success.

“Truly heartwarming to see the amount of support from the tech and art community for our three master artists. We were able to successfully launch Artifract and completely sell all of our premium tiles during our auction. This is a testament to the direction and vision of the company.”

Brian Poe-Llamanzares, Artifract’s co-founder

Edison Tsai, CEO of Artifract, highlighted during the event that “Artifract is changing the way Arts are appreciated by helping art estates, museums, private collectors, and artists in the authentication, preservation, copyright, and digital distribution of their works, while allowing modern-day Art Collectors to invest in exclusive Fractional NFTs and owning a piece of culture and history.”

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