Nearly 60,000 People Have Died of COVID in China Since Early December 

Almost 60,000 people died COVID-related deaths in China since early December 2022. | IMG Source: Andy Wong, The Guardian

Almost 60,000 people have succumbed to COVID in China since the country’s strict “zero-covid” policy was lifted in early December. 

Between December 8 and January 12, China saw 59,938 COVID-related deaths, reported by National Health Commission’s (NHC) Head of Medical Affairs Department Jiao Yahui. 54,435 of those who died had other illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The remaining 5,503 died due to respiratory failure brought by COVID. 

The World Health Organization and the United States have accused China of underplaying the gravity of the outbreak. Top global health officials continue to push China to release data on the spread of COVID in the country.

Jiao also reported that COVID-related hospitalizations have already peaked. He also said that on January 12, 477,000 people across China visited fever clinics. 

NHC recorded 1.63 million COVID-19 hospitalizations last January 5; and 1.27 million COVID patients remain in the hospital as of January 12. 

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