At Least 60 Dead in Nepal Air Crash

At least 60 dead in Nepal’s worst air crash in 30 years. | IMG Source: Bijay Neupane, REUTERS

Last Sunday, at least 60 people were killed when a domestic flight of Yeti Airlines crashed in Pokhara, Nepal. This is the nation’s worst air crash in 30 years. 

Hundreds of rescue workers searched the hillside where the crash happened as it was flying out of Kathmandu. Search operations were called off late in the evening and would resume the next day. The flight was carrying 72 passengers. 

A Nepal official noted that the flight carried five Indians, four Russians, one Irish, two South Korean, one Australian, one French and one Argentinian national onboard.

Local TV footage showed rescue workers searching through aircraft rubble. Some portions of the site were obviously scorched. 

The weather during the flight was clear. There were also no immediate indicators of what started the crash. According to flight traffic website FlightRadar24, the plane was 15 years old. 

Nepal is home to 8 of the 14 world’s highest mountains. This means that weather can change abruptly and potentially present a hazardous condition for flights. 

A government statement read that Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal called an emergency cabinet meeting for the air crash. 

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