Chinese Embassy Fires at US for Weighing in the West Philippine Sea Issue 

Chinese Embassy says US is “driving a wedge between China and the Philippines” as US backs Philippines in West Philippine Sea issue. | IMG Source: CNN Philippines

As the Department of National Defense expressed concern over Chinese vessels swarming the Philippine territory, the United States expressed their support for the Philippines. 

US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price said in a statement on Tuesday, “The reported escalating swarms of PRC vessels in the vicinity of Iroquois Reef and Sabina Shoal in the Spratly Islands interfere with the livelihoods of Philippine fishing communities, and also reflect continuing disregard for other South China Sea claimants and states lawfully operating in the region.” 

Following this statement, the Chinese Embassy in Manila accused the US of tearing apart the Philippines and China’s relations. 

“The statement on the South China Sea by the spokesperson of the US Department of State on December 19th contains unfounded accusations against China that attempt to stir up troubles and drive a wedge between China and the Philippines. We strongly deplore and firmly oppose this,” Chinese Embassy Manila’s statement read. 

Over the past weeks, the Armed Forces of the Philippines reported that a Chinese ship tailed and shadowed a Philippine supply boat in Ayungin shoal. 

Last December 16, the Philippines also filed a diplomatic protest against China over rocket debris recovered by the navy in the West Philippine Sea. The debris was then forcefully taken by a Chinese Coast Guard vessel. The embassy denied this claim and dismissed it as a “friendly consultation” between parties. 

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