WATCH: Stellar Performance Depicts How Success Is Not Linear

Image Credit: Diario de Madrid via Wikipedia

A breathtaking performance by French dancer and choreographer Yoann Bourgeois is going viral, as more than being a unique expression of art requiring skillful acrobatics, it conveys a meaningful message a lot of people can get inspiration from.

The performance, uploaded by French photographer Mathieu Stern, shows Bourgeois climbing up a set of stairs, aiming to reach the topmost level, but falling multiple times on a trampoline that helps him get back on the steps – though a few steps lower at times – and continuing his goal of reaching the end.

Accompanied by an elevating background music, the artist’s performance represents how success comes in every person’s life – not a constant and clean path, but a constant presence of determination to achieve one’s goal despite a series of gains, deviations and losses along the journey.

One commenter noted that the trampoline, aside from a person’s determination, may also represent a support system that gives renewed hope and strength.

Yoann Bourgeois’ creativity had also been showcased in other artists’ music videos, with him conceptualizing Coldplay’s “Let Somebody Go” with Selena Gomez, and choreographing Harry Styles’ “As It Was”.

As you reach for your dreams, may the right opportunities and the right people come your way at the right time, along with your unwavering faith – just like that trampoline.

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