‘Maid in Malacañang’ Trailer Released

'Made in Malacañang' Trailer Released
Viva Films/Vincentiments

MANILA, Philippines — On Sunday, film production company Viva Films unveiled the trailer for the controversial upcoming film ‘Maid in Malacañang.’

The events in the film occur in 1986, during the Edsa People Power Revolution, three days before the Marcos family fled to Hawaii following the collapse of the brutal and corrupt dictatorship of the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

According to statements made by the writer and director, Darryl Yap, the film depicts the Marcoses’ final three days from their point of view.

Senator Imee Marcos also stated that they are only introducing new information that the general public is unaware of. She acknowledged, though, that the film may debunk some claims made in the past.

Ruffa Gutierrez will play Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady, while Cesar Montano will take on the former president’s role.

Imee will be portrayed by Cristine Reyes, Irene Marcos by Ella Cruz, and President Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. by Diego Loyzaga.

The maids of the Marcoses will be played by Karla Estrada, Elizabeth Oropesa, and Beverly Salviejo.

Comedian Giesel Sanchez made a surprise appearance as the late President Cory Aquino. She was seen telling someone on the phone to kick the Marcos family out of the Philippines.

Moreover, in the trailer, the former president is shown scolding his son, Bongbong, and questioning him about his notion of honesty, despite the fact that he is typically seen partying at the club.

The video also revealed that Imee was urging her parents to flee the country owing to the increasing turmoil in the palace. 

In the final part, Bongbong Marcos assuaged his grieving mother by assuring her they would be able to return to Malacañang. Just this month, their family moved back to Malacañang after Bongbong was elected the country’s 17th president.

The film featured a new rendition of SAMPAGUITA’s song Nosi balasi. The song’s message is to disregard the words of those rumored to be spreading falsehoods against another person.

Also, on Sunday, Viva Films officially kicked off promotion for its new film at the Manila Hotel. It was attended by the actors, crew, production, and creative staff of Viva Films.

Senator Imee Marcos also attended the event, reiterating that “Maid in Malacanang” is a true story about the last 72 hours that Marcos’ family spent in Manila before being flown to Hawaii.

“The problem with this story is we all know it ended and what happened 36 years down the line. Alam natin lahat (We all know) so there’s no leeway for falsehood, untruth, reimagining, or fantasy telling. Kailangan makatotohanan! (It has to be truthful).”

Senator imee Marcos

The historical movie was recently finished and will be released on August 3.

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