Inspirational Speaker Simon Sinek Believes in ‘Reverse Bucket Lists’

Simon Sinek | Image Credit: The CEO Magazine

At times we might find ourselves making mental notes of new places we want to travel to, new business ventures or properties we want to acquire, or new momentous events that will be post-worthy as we scroll through our social media feed or come across some enticing ads. Then, we include these new goals in our ‘Bucket List’, which gives us a sense of fulfillment as we get to check off one after another.

However, on a short clip posted on inspirational speaker and author Simon Sinek’s Facebook page, which shows a portion of his talk during the Realty One-One Summit, Sinek tackled why he believes in the concept of a ‘Reverse Bucket List’ – a list of all the things one has achieved that gives oneself pride and joy.

“What a bucket list does is a long list of things we haven’t done, and it reminds us of all the things we’re missing – and it neglects gratitude. And I would rather we look at all the things we have done and be grateful for the fact that we’ve lived rich lives up until this moment,” Sinek explained.

Not taking away the good side of the usual ‘Bucket List’, which for some serves as a motivation to work harder, the founder of The Optimism Company nevertheless acknowledged that he still also has dreams and things he wants to do that he would want to be ticked off on that list.

Sinek said, however, that for him, “what’s more fun to do is go through the list of things I have done, and the things that I never thought I would be able to do that I was able to do, and it’s a nicer feeling than the things I’m missing out on.”

As we hope and hustle to see the realization of our dreams, taking a break from running after our endless wants for a while, to reflect and be still as we create a ‘Reverse Bucket List’ sounds like a good idea to realign our perspectives, and to celebrate and be thankful for how far we have come.

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