Julia Barretto Ready to Tie the Knot with Gerald Anderson

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Julia Barretto once again affirmed that she’s ready to marry hunk actor Gerald Anderson, saying that she is not scared once her boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage anytime soon.

On Boy Abunda’s Youtube show, Abunda asked if the 25-year old actress is scared of the prospect she’s going to get married this year, to which she answered, “I’m not scared,” adding that she finds marriage “exciting” and she is “curious” about it.

“Hypothetical, one of these months, Ge asks you to marry him. Would you say yes?” Asked Abunda.

Barretto answered, “Yes.”

Abunda has likewise discussed with Barretto her previous statement that she wants a baby and to build a family at her age.

“I think it also comes with, my mom and I are the best of friends. That’s because our age difference is not so far apart. It’s just we’re so close, and I think I just want to have that kind of relationship with my children as well.”


The actress also revealed that she will be doing a Blacksheep film this year with her former screen partner and boyfriend, Joshua Garcia. Barretto emphasized that she appreciated Gracia for the respect he showed to her boyfriend, Anderson.

“One of the things I really appreciate about him (Joshua) is he respects Ge a lot. And that says a lot about Josh as well, how much he’s grown and matured. He respects Ge and that means a lot to me,” she said.

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