The Empire Strikes Back

Sometimes the villain wins. Sometimes Thanos kills half of all life, sometimes Eveln is gunned down and all we can do is mutter about Chinatown. Sometimes, the Empire Strikes Back.

This is certainly the energy being given off by this election. As of 13 May 2022, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.– son and namesake of Ferdinand E. Marcos, who was deposed in the 1986 EDSA Revolution– is the President-elect. He garnered 31.10 million votes, equivalent to 56.30% of all votes cast.

It’s a tremendous reversal for the Marcos family.

There are many reasons for their return, which includes widespread disinformation and the systemic failure to pass on the lessons of the Martial Law period to future generations.

Another reason for the Marcos’ return to power is the endorsement of Davao City Mayor Sara “Inday” Duterte. Mayor Sara, who chose to forego her Presidential ambition to become Marcos Jr.’s running mate, is now the Vice-President elect.

She garnered 31.56 million votes, or 57.18% of the total votes. Her endorsement- in lieu of President Rodrigo Duterte- carried the day in Mindanao and Cebu, where Marcos Jr. suffered massive defeats in 2016.

The ranks of the political opposition have been decimated. Senior opposition members Franklin Drilon and Kiko Pangilinan will be exiting the Senate- the former due to the end of his second term, the latter after he lost his bid for the Vice-Presidency.

Only one member of the opposition Senate slate- Risa Hontiveros- managed to win election to the Senate.

However, hope springs eternal. There is plenty of upside to be found in Vice-President Leni Robredo’s failed bid for the Presidency. Robredo came in second place this time, with 14.82 million votes. But those votes were delivered by a movement of volunteers. With their own pockets and creativity, the ad-hoc Robredo campaign exceeded her 2016 votes, which were garnered with the full strength of the Liberal Party.

The Empire has struck back. But the Rebels are just getting started.

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