Cebu Pacific Apologizes for Pilot’s ‘Baseless’ Claim Against VP Robredo

Cebu Pacific is working with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) to investigate a Facebook post by one of their pilots. The post claimed that Vice President Leni Robredo caused flight diversions at NAIA.

Cebu Pacific executive issues apology to VP Leni Robredo. | IMG Source: Cebu Pacific Air Facebook

In the now deleted post, the pilot made allegations that Robredo demanded her flight’s landing be prioritized. He also claimed that the Australian ambassador to the Philippines was on board.

Cebu Pacific Vice President for Flight Operations Sam Avila said that the pilot – who is now under disciplinary review – confirmed his post was purely based on speculation. 

Due to the issue, the executive addressed an apology to the vice president. “While the pilot posted his commentary on his own accord, a post he has since removed, on behalf of Cebu Pacific, and as Head of our Pilot Group, I take command responsibility and apologize unreservedly to the Vice President and the general public for the actions of our pilot.” 

Cebu Pacific said that the issue will be handled internally in accordance to their own guidelines. 

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