Registered Voters’ Checklist: Create Your ‘Kodigo’ Through This Website

We are only a few more days away until Election Day. Have you made your choice?

Image Credits: Screen capture from website

MANILA, Philippines – With the campaign period nearing its end as May 9 approaches, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has released their guidelines and urged registered voters to prepare their own ‘kodigo’ to hasten the voting process.

“Bring your ‘kodigo’ so that you won’t have to think there as that would take you 5 to 7 minutes. If you have ‘kodigo,’ it would take you only 3 minutes,” Comelec Commissioner George Garcia said in an interview.

On April 26, 2022, Charles Josh launched the website to assist registered voters in selecting their candidates, with a format similar to that of the official ballot so as voters can familiarize themselves where to easily find candidates’ names.

The website allows its users to edit their ‘kodigo’ later on should they change their minds, without the need to repeat the selections for the other positions – a feature that sets it apart from GMA’s MyKodigo website.

It also generates a QR code so users can easily access their saved entry for editing or share it among their trusted circle for discussions.

“I believe that this year’s elections is one of a kind, and that personal influence plays a big role in our choices. With that said, I think that gives everyone an easier way to spark conversations and thought starters amongst family and friends,” Josh said in his interview with Good News Pilipinas.

Josh summarized why he created this kodigo-generating website:

  1. I want to see who’s running for what position so that I can do some research on who they are beyond name-recall and campaigns.
  2. I want to create a kodigo easily so that it’s easier to vote on Election Day.
  3. I want to finish voting quickly by making sure I know already who I’m voting for, given that we’re still in a pandemic.

As for users’ privacy, the website states that it is not a form of a survey, and that it does not store any personal or voting information nor does it share any information with anyone.

It also states that it is not affiliated with COMELEC, Vote Pilipinas, any political party, or any media institution, nor does it endorse any political candidate or agenda.


  • You may abstain or undervote, but do not overvote as this will invalidate your vote for that specific position.
  • Print your kodigo as some polling precincts may prohibit the use of cellphones.
  • After officially casting your votes on May 9, check your voter’s receipt to make sure it matches the shaded marks on your official ballot before depositing it in the receptacle.

For finding assigned polling precincts, registered voters may go to this site.

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