Some Statuses in the ‘Precinct Finder’ Found to be Inaccurate

IMG Credit: Screenshot from COMELEC’S Voter Verifier Website

MANILA, Philippines — Some of the statuses on the ‘Precinct Finder’ launched by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) are inaccurate, causing the Filipino voters to complain.

While many registered voters successfully found their polling place, precinct number and status on the recently launched Precinct Finder, others complained why their status is incorrect.

In an interview with TV Patrol, Leo Bien Durana, shared that even though he voted last 2019 elections, his status in the Precinct Finder was “deactivated“.

Durana, expressed his disappointment because he values his vote and its contribution to the Philippines.

While Lawrence Sabado, was surprised to see his mother’s status as “active” even though she has not been voting for two elections since she passed away.

According to COMELEC Commissioner George Garcia, the data used in the Precinct Finder are from the local COMELEC branches.

Voters must have voted for two consecutive elections; 2018 for Baranggay and 2019 for National and Local for their status to be “active”.

If a voter only voted last 2016 election and was an absentee in the 2018 and 2019 elections, their status will be “deactivated” and it won’t be activated this election. Meaning, they won’t be able to vote this coming 2022 elections.

While voters who were able to vote in the previous two elections but were deactivated are advised to visit their respective local COMELEC branches.

For registered voters who can’t access the Precinct Finder, they may email for assistance.

Source: ABS-CBN

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