Campaign Election but Make It K-Pop Style

IMG Source: Kpop Stans 4 Leni

MANILA, Philippines — K-Pop fans show their support to their preferred political candidate using K-Pop culture. 

According to Philippe Jose Hernandez, a social media expert, the K-Pop stans are known to be passionate and organized when it comes to supporting their idols so it isn’t a surprise that they have carried that culture over to Philippine politics.

Even before the elections, the fandom had been mobilizing to help their fellow Filipino people, from fundraising for the typhoon victims, organizing a community pantry during the pandemic, to campaigning for their chosen candidate.

Majo, one of the members of the KPOP STANS 4 LENI  said,

When we started that was really the goal. It was really campaigning but make it K-Pop style, so whatever we know we’re just using it for the elections.”

Majo,kpop stans 4 leni

President of Agents International Inc, Alan German said that the K-Pop fans are the ideal supporters a politician may have.

“If you look at the fanbase of K-Pop stars, they are actually the ideal fanbase for any politician to have.”

Alan German, President of Agents International Inc
IMG Source: Rappler

IMG Source: Kpop Stans 4 Leni

The group had organized activities with their preferred candidate as its center, instead of their K-Pop idols.

From making photo cards of the presidential candidates, cup sleeve events in cafes, holding a dance challenge with campaign jingles, and using hashtags, the Hallyu craze had made noise on social media and the local politics. 

The group shows that they are more than fans but people who are able to  do great things together for a good cause.

“I’ve always seen K-pop as a movement. I hold the capacity of the fandom and its talent to organize in a high regard. There’s a level of awareness that only fellow K-pop stans understand.… While people outside the circle might think of us as either very young people, or [people] who don’t know shit, or people who spend on senseless things, I actually know that we’re real smart people who are able to do things and move mountains.”

Majo, kpop stans 4 leni

Aside from supporting their idols,  K-Pop fans also defend them from the mistreatments of their companies. With this experience, the group also uses their voice to call for fair treatment for the people of their own country.

It is important for the K-Pop fans to be seen not only as fans but as a legitimate group of people who think.

While the members of KPOP STANS 4 LENI are from different walks of life, they share a common goal; it is to help their chosen candidate win for the brighter future of the Filipinos.

Source: CNN Philippines, Rappler

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