Shanghai Lockdown Extended Due to COVID-19 Surge

On Tuesday, Chinese authorities extended the Shanghai lockdown to cover its 25 million population. The crucial decision came after city-wide testing that reported more than 13,000 new cases. 

Shanghai authorities extend lockdown to western districts in an attempt to curb the COVID-19 surge. | IMG Source: Reuters

After battling the surge for over a month, Shanghai’s financial district enforced deeper restrictions to the western district contain the outbreak.

Residents complain as those form most stricken areas are not allowed to leave their compound even to purchase essentials. There are also reported difficulties in ordering food and water due to staff shortage.

A official from the municipal health commission, briefed that Shanghai’s epidemic prevention is currently at its most difficult stage. Residents are called to adhere to policies without hesitation.

Authorities also announced that city transport limitations such as suspended subway lines will take place. 

At least 38,000 health workers from other regions have been relocated to Shanghai for medical operations. This is the biggest nationwide medical initiative since the Wuhan shutdown. 

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