OFWs Say Lack of Preparations Might Hinder Overseas Voting

Leaders of overseas Filipino communities express dismay due to lack of information regarding electoral processes. 

Leaders of overseas Filipino communities air out their concerns on electoral processes. | IMG Source: Philippine Star

With days to go until the voting period, overseas Filipino voters issued that embassies and consulates are “unprepared” for the month-long poll. 

Overseas voting will be conducted from April 10 to May 9 through in-person voting or by mailing ballots.

In a press conference last April 5, representatives of Filipino groups from Hong Kong, United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Canada aired their concerns. They fear “massive disenfranchisement” as Filipino posts are not disseminating information about the electoral process. 

Filipinos across the globe are troubled as most embassies may not be prepared to let them vote. Communities’ anxieties stem from cluelessness as consulates have not communicated concrete plans.

Domestic helpers from Saudi Arabia were not given assistance to file a “legal basis” for taking a day off. Representative Gatdula also said that polling areas are not accessible to Filipinos in remote areas.

Community leaders in the US, Canada, and Italy reported that Filipinos have not received their ballots in the mail yet. They seconded the recurring cry that they are totally blinded by the voting procedures. 

Nerissa Allegretti of 1Sambayan USA communicated that the Filipino community is very frustrated as they have complied with filling out mailing records and requirements. There is still no news despite only a couple of days leading up to the election. 

Filipino community leaders want to push for further investigation to address the incessant issue. 

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