Zubiris Affirm Mutual Support For Marcos, UniTeam


MANILA, Philippines — The Zubiri family in Bukidnon has affirmed the mutual support between its members and presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the UniTeam slate.

In a Facebook post Saturday afternoon, Sen. Juan Miguel, who is seeking reelection, said Marcos has endorsed the candidacy of their family’s local political ticket in the province, led by his father, Gov. Jose Maria Zubiri.

The senator also made a remark after a video clip circulating online insinuating that Marcos “refused” the elder Zubiri as he gestured to the presidential candidate to have his hand raised.

In Philippine politics, the raising of hand is a sign of a political endorsement from a national political figure or candidate to another candidate, usually running for an elective local government position.

“(It) is a part of an adversarial spin, the intention of which is to sow disunity within the UniTeam and our local political party,” he said.

Aside from his statement, Zubiri also posted a photo of him and his father’s hands being raised by Marcos.

Zubiri is a guest candidate under the slate of presidential aspirant Vice President Leni Robredo.

The senator’s father is the incumbent governor of Bukidnon and currently running as congressman for the province’s 3rd district, replacing his son Rep. Manuel, who is eyeing the governorship.

During the March 31 rally in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Gov. Zubiri endorsed Marcos’ candidacy.

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