Two Senior Filipinos Attacked in New York

The Philippine Consulate General reported on Wednesday that two elderly Filipinos were the latest victims in a string of attacks against the Filipino community in New York. 

The consulate reported that a 73-year-old Filipino was on his way to church when a homeless individual assaulted him. The following day, a 53-year-old Filipino “was beaten unconscious and robbed by another homeless individual” at a fast food chain. 

These incidents follow the ruthless attack against a 67-year-old Filipino woman in Yonkers. 

The consulate issued a statement denouncing the recent acts of violence. 

Their statement read, “The Philippine Consulate General in New York condemns in the strongest terms the latest attacks against members of the Filipino Community after two more kababayan have been added to the growing list of victims of the seamless violence that has left many Filipinos in fear.” 

The consulate also reminded Filipinos to practice vigilance at all times and take precautionary safety measures. 

A “Stop Asian Hate” sign is now displayed at the Philippine Consulate General in midtown Manhattan.

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