Veteran Anti-Drug Operative Exposes Duterte’s Orders to Burn Down a Shabu Lab

Acierto exposes Duterte’s order to burn down a shabu lab back in 2004. | IMG Source: Rappler

MANILA, Philippines — Last November 7, Sunday, Acierto sent a video to select media outlets. Acierto previously led the anti-drug scheme in Davao City for then-mayor Rodrigo Duterete. In the said video, Acierto disclosed that Duterte ordered him to burn down a shabu lab; then, kill the lab staff. 

Acierto was citing the December 2004 joint raid by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

“Your order was to burn down the shabu laboratory, but I did not allow it. Do not deny it. We informed you before we did the raid. You even ordered that people involved here be killed.”

This raid led to the demise of six suspects. 

Pressing further, Acierto directly addressed Duterte in his video, telling him to ask Lascañas regarding the incident. Lascañas previously admitted to being a part of the Davao Death Squad commanded by Duterte. Information on the raid was Acierto’s basis for a report he filed to PNP, PDEA, and Malacañang.

Acierto’s entire statement adds to the narrative that could likely prove Michael Yang’s participation in illegal drug trade. Yang is a known associate of Duterte and serves as his economic adviser. In October 2018, Duterte absolved Yang of any accusations solely based on Yang’s connection to the Philippines’ then Chinese ambassador. When Acierto relayed that Duterte was protecting Yang, the President placed a P10 million reward for his arrest. 

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