Moreno Addresses Fil-Am Community, Bares Core Of Governance

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso (pictured), along with his running mate Dr. Willie Ong, held a Zoom town hall with Filipino American community members on Tuesday, October 26. | IMG SOURCE: Asian Journal

MANILA Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso’s life’s experiences, along with 23 years in public service, have prepared him for the presidency, despite contrary claims from some quarters. 

The presidential aspirant, along with his running mate Dr. Willie Ong, recently met with the Filipino American community via Zoom conference to further discuss their platforms of governance. He said his early years taught him the value of perseverance and understanding the masses. 

“Yung maipakita mo sa tao, na no matter what, kahit saang starting point ka nagsimula, you can go to the finish line. Although along the way, maraming bubog, may mga pako sa kalsada, or stumbling blocks along the way, yung pagpupursige, perseverance and understanding your people,” Moreno said. 

“You know that’s the essence of governance. You govern because you understand the people. You must be connected to the people,” he added. 

mayor isko moreno domagoso

The Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer said that connection with the general populace had made him stronger because he understands their plight, and became the focus of his governance when he entered public service. 

“Simula noong mag-Alkalde ako, yung focus, yung North Star of the governance of Manila is all always about the people: pagiging maayos, walang kadugyutan, certainty of rules, housing to give back dignity, school, hospitals, parks, open space for the future, clean air, highly urbanized city,” Moreno said. 

In just two years since he became Manila mayor in 2019, Moreno cleaned up and brought order to the chaotic environs of Divisoria and Quiapo in a matter of days; built the 344-bed Manila Covid-19 Field Hospital at the Quirino Grandstand in less than two months; built four vertical housing projects for poor families and informal settlers; built modern public school buildings; distributed tablets and computers to public school teachers and students, and facilitated a continuous distribution of assistance to poor families at the height of the pandemic. 

“Nakikita mo yung concept sa pag-gogobyerno – tao ang basis, tao yung bida, tao yung nauuna. That you are living in the real world, not in wonderland with high falutin motherhood statements, and my daddy did, my husband did, they did and so on,” Moreno said. 

Moreno stressed that what he accomplished in Manila is not rocket science, just a strong will to do it and to do it fast. 

“In fact, it’s duplicable and scalable, so we can do it anywhere. We can do it. It’s always the principle behind governance – what you believe, it’s not what you politically believe,” Moreno said. 

The 47-year-old presidential candidate also pointed out that despite his young looks, he had dedicated half of his lifetime – 23 years – to public service. 

“When I went to public service inalay ko ang buhay ko sa public service, because I value the mandate, I value the opportunity. Pinagsikapan ko,” he said. 

Moreno also candidly admitted that he was only a high school graduate when he first became a city councilor. For this, he was taunted. 

“Then I saw the opportunity again to develop myself, to better myself, to be more efficient by acquiring such tools. So I went back,” Moreno said. 

While in public office, he pursued higher studies, earning a degree in Business Administration degree at the International Academy of Management and Economics (IAME); two years of law school at the Arellano University; Master degree in Public Administration at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), and Local Legislation and Local Finance at the University of the Philippines (UP).  

Moreno also has post-graduate studies at the Harvard University under Executive Education Program, Strategic leadership program at the Oxford University,  

“So I prepared for this, preparing it, doing it, equipping myself and I am ready,” Moreno told the Fil-Am community.

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