DOH Considers Mandatory Vaccination as a Last Resort

DOH eyes mandatory vaccination for specific high risk sectors. | IMG Source: Reuters

MANILA, Philippines– Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said that the country may have to enact mandatory vaccination to achieve herd immunity for COVID-19.

As the government seeks to have 90% of the population vaccinated, DOH considers requiring COVID-19 vaccination for certain high-risk sectors. They said that this would be their “last resort.” 

Vergeire disclosed that this is being discussed with the government’s task force and that a law is required to carry out the plan. She also stated that herd immunity will not be achieved if particular sectors refuse to get vaccinated. 

This is a complete 180 to the department’s previous statement last April when they said they’re totally against mandatory vaccination. 

Only 26% of the country’s total population has been vaccinated since rollout began last March. The government aims to achieve 50% by December. By the May 2022 elections, they want to have a total of 70% vaccinated. 

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