Robredo Welcomes Overwhelming Support From Public For Presidential Bid

Vice President Leni Robredo announcing her 2022 Presidential Bid to the public. IMG Source: Lisa Marie David, Reuters

MANILA, Philippines — Just days after announcing her presidential bid for the 2022 national elections, Vice President Leni Robredo mentioned that she is still “in shock” by the overwhelming support that she has received.

For months, Robredo has kept supporters and rivals guessing about her plans for the 2022 national elections. 1Sambayan, an opposition coalition, and numerous private institutions were clamouring for the VP to run highest government position.

VP Robredo accepted the 1Sambayan days and announced her plans to run as an independent presidential candidate. Social media was then painted pink, her campaign color, after her announcement. Private companies and institutions such as Rustan’s Cebu, Marco Polo Hotel, and De La Salle Taft lit their buildings with pink lights.

“We didn’t expect the overwhelming reaction of the people, we were expecting that only our existing supporters will be glad. What we see is very different. After the announcement, many people started volunteering, spending their own money. Many supporters are thinking of ways to help.”

Leni Robredo

The presidential aspirant also reiterated banking on the overwhelming support of the public for her campaign. VP Robredo admitted that campaigning will be a challenge given her limited funds. Additionally, Robredo also mentioned that fighting fake news and propaganda remains to be a costly initiative.

“The way they (public) are showing their support is assuring us that our decision is right. Our only hope is to sustain this, that we expand our network because this is the only thing that can fight fake news. The support of the people shows that if they mobilize, they can defeat the machinery of other aspirants.”

Leni Robredo

Despite numerous challenges and limited funding, Robredo remains confident and head-strong in her decision. The Filipinos’ show of support for her candidacy, both online and offline, has boosted Robredo’s confidence.

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