Philippines President Dismisses Impeachment Talks Against Vice President Sara Duterte

In a recent turn of events, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines has openly dismissed the notion of impeaching Vice President Sara Duterte. Speaking to reporters in Honolulu, Hawaii, Marcos emphasized his strong opposition to any such action, asserting that Duterte does not deserve to be impeached. This statement comes amidst informal discussions among some political figures about the potential removal of the Vice President from office. Notably, ACT Teachers Representative France Castro was among the first to bring up the topic of Duterte’s impeachment.

President Marcos, when queried about his rapport with Vice President Duterte, described their relationship as “excellent.” This declaration is particularly significant in the context of the recent informal talks about Duterte’s impeachment. Marcos’s unequivocal stance and positive characterization of his relationship with the Vice President underscore a unified front within the Philippine leadership, in the face of speculative political maneuverings.

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