Nueva Ecija Bus Shooting: Victim’s Son a Person of Interest

A tragic incident unfolded in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, where a woman and her live-in partner were shot dead by unidentified gunmen while traveling in a bus in Carranglan. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has identified the son of the female victim as a “person of interest” in this harrowing case.

The son, whose identity remains undisclosed, was reportedly involved in a significant conflict with the victims, escalating to the point where the mother filed a carnapping case against him. PNP spokesperson Col. Jean Fajardo noted that this dispute, which preceded the shooting, is being considered a potential motive for the crime.

Investigators have already spoken to the son, who claimed ignorance about the incident. However, police received information about an alleged threat from the son, further intensifying suspicions about his involvement.

The female victim hailed from Cauayan, Isabela, while her partner was from Cotabato. As part of the ongoing investigation, the police are scrutinizing CCTV footage from the surrounding areas to track down the assailants. Additionally, the possibility that the gunmen were part of a professional hit squad is not being ruled out, considering the manner in which they executed the crime.

This development adds a complex layer to the investigation, as authorities work to unravel the circumstances leading to this brutal act and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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