Legendary K-Drama Cafe O’Mango Six Now Open in Manila, Offering Fans Korean Pop Culture and Cuisine!


MANILA, Philippines — The highly-anticipated Korea’s legendary O’Mango Six, a coffee and dessert cafe, has finally arrived in Manila, much to the delight of K-Drama fans. 

This famous cafe has gained a loyal fan following worldwide by appearing in multiple hit dramas. Now, fans in Manila can indulge in the ultimate K-Drama experience by immersing themselves in Korean pop culture and cuisine at O’Mango Six.

With this official franchise, Filipinos can now enjoy cool Mango Six concoctions like their favorite actors from top-rated K-series such as ‘The Heirs (2013, SBS) and ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’ (2012, SBS). It was launched to the delight of Pinoy K-Drama and KPop enthusiasts, with SB19 member Josh Cullen and online personality Jessica Lee in attendance.   

Ms. Vivian Bang, Wife of O Group Chairman; Mr. Logan Oh, Chairman of O Group; Mr. Luis Chavit Singzon, Chairman of LCS Group of Companies; Mr. Nick Navarta of Homeland Security; Ms. Lia Oh, CEO of O’ Mango Six; 
Mr. Nick Navarta of Homeland Security; Ms. Lia Oh, CEO of O’ Mango Six;  Mr. Luis Chavit Singzon, Chairman of LCS Group of Companies; Mr. Logan Oh, Chairman of O Group; Ms. Vivian Bang, Wife of O Group Chairman 

The café offers delicious drinks made with fresh mango and 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee. Favorite brews are on the menu, including lattes, macchiatos, and the standard americano, along with unique beverage choices such as Honey Americano, Coconut Coffee, and Oriental Latte. Non-coffee drinks for those who want to chill include Lemonade, Citron Ade, and the colourful Aurora Ade. 

The specially curated food menu includes hot, fresh, and savory pretzels; melt-in-the-mouth choices of honey, garlic, and honey cheese butter bread; and a filling brunch that is perfect for Filipino taste.

O’Mango Six’s interior is nature-inspired, featuring plants and natural materials like wood and stone. The cafe can accommodate up to 60 pax, and it has a cozy ambiance with natural lighting, perfect for brunch with friends or even with colleagues who work within the area. 

“We worked hard in conceptualizing the food menu for O’ Mango Six because we want everyone to experience these sensational Korean drinks and desserts while still giving it a Filipino twist that they will surely enjoy,” says Lia Oh, CEO of O’ Mango Six

Other must-tries include fruit and yogurt smoothies; coffee-based mangocinno drinks; and non-coffee mangocinno in flavors of mint mocha, java chip, oreo, and green tea. Those who want to imbibe a real K-Drama feel can try the mango cream smoothie, mango coconut, and mango strawberry smoothie drinks that were included in scenes from ‘Kill Me Heal Me’ (2015, MBC).    

(Oreo Mangoccino)

Want to experience the ultimate K-Drama vibes? Head on over to O’Mango Six café now! They’re open from 7 am to 11 pm at Aseana 3 Bldg, East Tower, Asean Avenue, Parañaque City. Don’t forget to check out their mouth-watering menu by visiting their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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