FINMAC Leads the Way in Elevating the Financial Lives of Filipinos through Extensive Forex Trading Program

MANILA, Philippines — Despite having some of the world’s top business minds, the Philippines remains a third-world country with limited opportunities for its citizens. With the struggling economy, one way to boost it is through foreign exchange or Forex trading.

Foreign exchange involves exchanging one currency for another, which increases market liquidity and makes it easier for businesses to access funds. Forex trading can also generate revenue for individuals, companies, and governments, helping them facilitate international trade by allowing traders to exchange currencies for paying for goods and services.

While approximately 10 million people trade Forex globally, only 5-10% of them consistently make a profit. The main challenge in Forex trading is the rise of internet trading scams and traders’ stories of loss, rooted in the lack of proper education about the industry.

Fortunately, an academy in the Philippines aims to address this issue. Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) was launched during the pandemic to help elevate the financial lives of Filipinos. The academy offers an extensive 3-month program on Forex Derivatives trading markets, where students can learn about the basics and the most complex parts of Forex trading.

The course covers the history and language of trading (Basic Competency), technical and fundamental analysis (Common Competency), and practical skills through an apprenticeship program (Core Competency). These programs are designed for both beginners who want to learn from the ground up and experienced traders who want to expand their knowledge and skills.

To make the course more meaningful and helpful to students, FINMAC launched its “Siguradong Kabuhayan Program.” This provides graduates with a guaranteed opportunity after completing their education. Graduates can work as traders or become FINMAC’s coaches and educators. 

Moreover, FINMAC will also give its graduates a chance to be funded with Php 500,000, provided they pass all assessments and evaluations of the Enrollment to Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship (E-SEE) Program.

Get on the Path to Financial Success: Join FINMAC San Juan’s Free Forex Workshop Every Friday and Learn the Secrets of Forex Trading! RSVP Now and Take the First Step Towards Financial Freedom. Contact them on Facebook (finmac.sanjuan), email (, phone number (0956 850 5132 / 0985 242 9567), or visit us at 226 Wilson Street, Brgy. Greenhills, San Juan City, to secure your spot!

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