‘The Glory’ Co-Stars Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon Are Dating

Attention all ‘The Glory’ fans!’

A recent report by Dispatch confirmed that Netflix’s hit thriller-drama “The Glory” stars Lee Do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon are dating.

According to Dispatch, sparks started to fly between the two actors during the final stages of filming the series, particularly during a casting workshop and summer MT held last year.

Despite their growing feelings for each other, their co-stars were unaware of their relationship. However, representatives from both actors’ agencies have since confirmed their romance.

“The two close sunbae-hoobaes have recently started getting to know each other with positive feelings.”

Yuehua Entertainment, on behalf of Lee Do Hyun

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon’s Artist Company revealed that “the two actors have gone from being close sunbae-hoobaes to a stage where they are carefully getting to know each other with good feelings.”

Fans of the series are thrilled about the news, and social media has been buzzing with excitement since the announcement. Many have expressed their support for the couple and wish them all the best.

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