GoTyme Bank Partners with Cebu Pacific and Go Rewards Plus, Holds Spectacular Announcement Show

GoTyme Bank, announced its partnership with Cebu Pacific and Go Rewards Plus in a spectacular projection mapping show at Palacio de Memoria in Paranaque on February 9.

Everyone was astonished by the amazing show when they used an actual airplane to announce the partnership, which resulted in 80 seconds of pure entertainment—a showstopping display like we’ve never seen before!

“We’ve seen the plane at Palacio before, but this totally caught us off guard. Such a fun and refreshing way to spice up the atmosphere of the place and the event. I look forward to seeing more of it.”

Video Creator Miss Nate during the “Rewards Boosted” launch.
Miss Nate at the “Rewards Boosted” launch

Miss Trans Global 2020, Mela Habijan, also expressed her amazement at the 3D mapping technology used in an aircraft.

“It was creative and well-thought, this signifies where we are headed—more innovations ahead. With GoTyme, Cebu Pacific, and Go Rewards making travel more accessible and fun, especially coming after the 2-year pause because of the pandemic, I am excited to experience the world again,” she said.

Miss Trans Global 2020, Mela Habijan

The crowd was even more amazed when GoTyme Bank finally revealed the fruit of the collaboration.

Usually, when a Go Rewards member books a flight with Cebu Pacific, they automatically get points. But now, when you book your flight using your GoTyme Bank Visa Debit Card or Virtual Card, you receive even more points that can be used for future flights. If you get enough points, you may book flights for free and even purchase ticket upgrades.

This new rewards program is here to stay, and GoTyme Bank welcomes Filipinos to take advantage of the bank’s upgraded rewards system to avoid missing out on this incredible points system!

A chance for every Filipino to travel more frequently and more affordably to explore more diverse cultures, provinces, and nations.

GoTyme is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is a joint venture of Tyme, a multi-country digital banking group, with members of the Gokongwei Group of companies, namely Robinsons Bank, Robinsons Land Corporation, and Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.

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