Aparri Vice Mayor and 5 Aides Killed in Ambush 

Police continue to investigate the ambush of Aparri vice mayor and his aides. | IMG Source: Philippine Star

The vice mayor of Aparri and five of his aides were killed at Bagabag town last February 19. They were ambushed by six men posing as police officers who were riding a government car. 

Nueva Vizcaya police information officer Major Jolly Villar disclosed in an interview with Philippine Inquirer that Vice Mayor Rommel Alameda, who was serving his third term, and five companions were traveling to Aparri when they were ambushed. They were riding a Hyundai Starex and were gunned down at Sitio (sub-village) Kinacao in Barangay (village) Baretbet.

Later on, investigations revealed that the suspects were wearing masks and police uniforms. They were riding a Mitsubishi Adventure with a red license plate number SFN 713. Red license plates indicate a government car. 

The suspects shot at the vehicle multiple times. Vice Mayor Alameda and his aides were dead on the spot. They were taken to Region 2 Trauma and Medical Center where they were also declared dead on arrival. 

Nueva Vizcaya police director, Col. Camlon Nasdoman, said that the investigation is still ongoing. 

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