Filipino Artist Rubio Partners with Time Master Watches for Limited Edition Watch Collection

MANILA, Philippines — During his exhibit “Ilustrados” at the Galleria Nicolas in Greenbelt Makati, traditional Filipino Artist Dominic Rubio proudly wore his Time Master Apollo watch featuring one of his works.

Time Master Watches, the proudly Filipino watch brand included Rubio’s painting on the Time Master Apollo special edition. The luxury watch brand distributed 23 pieces to Rubio and Galerie Joaquin stores which were sold immediately.

One of Time Master’s well-known watches is the Apollo, named after the Greek god of healing. A portion of the proceeds from every sale is donated to Habitat for Humanity to support them in their COVID-19 Response efforts.

Rubio, a contemporary artist is known for his depiction of Filipino characters set in Old Manila, in traditional Filipiniana, and their large heads and elongated necks. The artist says it’s simply because Filipinos should be proud of their heritage.

He has held numerous significant exhibits, including  ‘Asia 1900s’, Galerie Raphael, Taguig, Philippines (2008); ‘Chinatown,’ Galerie Raphael, Taguig, Philippines (2008); and ‘Old Manila,’ Galerie Joaquin, San Juan, Philippines (2007).

Photo on the Left: Rubio’s Exhibit, “Ilustrados” at the Galleria Nicolas in Greenbelt Makati

Rubio expressed his excitement about the product and his partnership with Time Master Watches. He also hopes that his art pieces will have more detailed aspects exhibited on the watch in the future.

Joaquin “Jack” Teotico, Managing Director of Galerie Joaquin, stated that this is a significant milestone for Filipino artists. The opportunity to collaborate with and be incorporated in companies such as Time Master highlights and promotes Filipino talent and artistry. He also anticipates expanding his relationships with Time Master and other brands.

 Brian Poe Llamanzares with Dominic Rubio and Jack Teotico

“Rubio is one of the foremost artists of today because his works capture the sensibilities, aspirations, dreams, customs and traditions of our people.”

Joaquin “Jack” Teotico, Managing Director of Galerie Joaquin

“His meticulous and methodical research on our way of life, costumes and architecture make his artworks important statements in defining the Filipino identity,” he added. 

Along with Rubio and Teotico, Time Master Watches CEO Brian Poe Llamanzares was also present at the event, and they all exchanged greetings and expressions of gratitude for the collaboration.

Artist Dominic Rubio with Brian Poe Llamanzares at the Ilustrados exhibit

“I believe the partnership with Mr. Rubio is ideal! His artwork blends perfectly into the style of our watches. I’m very happy to partner with one of the country’s leading artists to produce something proudly Filipino.”

Time Master Watches CEO Brian Poe Llamanzares

Brian also revealed that they are currently working on a new collection with Rubio, which will be available for purchase soon. 

More than 20 of Rubio’s masterpieces are now on display at Galleria Nicolas from January 7 to 16.

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