NAIA to Return to Normal Operations by January 4-5

REUTERS/Eloisa Lopez

MANILA, Philippines — Following a technical glitch on New Year’s Day that resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights and the inconvenience of 65,000 passengers, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) assured on Tuesday that operations at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) are expected to resume as usual by January 4 or 5.

According to MIAA, the cancellation of several flights scheduled for Monday is one of the results of a technical issue at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines’ (CAAP) Air Traffic Management Center on Sunday, January 1.

Four hundred fourteen (414) flights were canceled on Jan. 1, and 72 on Jan. 2.

“We expect actually to normalize already by tomorrow or by Thursday. So normalizing means we will be operating our regular schedule without these extra flights of the airlines.”

MIAA Assistant General Manager Bryan Co told CNN Philippines’ The Source.

Co further announced that on Monday, they were able to operate about 755 flights.

“We’re on our path towards recovery, and we are glad to report that as of today, the terminals are not as congested, the passenger flow is very manageable,” he said.

Although no more flight cancellations are expected, the official still encouraged passengers to be patient as delays may still occur due to aircraft rotation issues. According to him, airlines are currently fine-tuning their timetables to standardize timings.

Co also explained that recovery flights are scheduled depending on the availability of airline fleets. Passengers should be able to rebook to alternative flights, such as an extra section flight or another flight to the same destination, rebook on a different date, receive a refund, or convert the booking to a travel fund.

The officer, however, noted that accommodating customers who rebooked will also rely on the number of extra flights that are available.

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