Tulfo Files Bill to Make Legal Education Free to Qualified Students

FILE PHOTO Sen. Raffy Tulfo (Image from Senate PRIB)

MANILA, Philippines — Senator and broadcaster Raffy Tulfo submitted a measure in the Senate demanding free tuition for students pursuing legal study at state universities (SUCs) and colleges in an effort to solve the reported shortage of lawyers.

Senate Bill 1610, authored by Senator Raffy Tulfo, would mandate SUCs to provide a free legal education program for qualified students. 

This allowance will pay for required books, student registration fees, library fees, tuition at the rate set by the SUCs, and the costs of government-mandated bar exams and licenses.

Tulfo emphasized that the lack of access to justice in the Philippines is one reason why there aren’t enough lawyers in the country. He noted that the Integrated Bar of the Philippines has just 40,000 members, or one lawyer for every 2,500 people. 

“Very far from the ideal ratio of one lawyer for every 250 persons.” 


Tulfo expressed his expectation that the move will also contribute to an increase in the number of people working in the legal profession. 

In November 2022, 9,183 out of a total of 10,006 applicants successfully completed the Bar examinations, as reported by the Public Information Office of the Supreme Court. This equates to a 91.77% participation percentage, which is lower than the 92.01% figure on the first day of tests on November 9.

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